At Island Life we sell a lot of Adult 3-Wheelers.

At Island Life we sell a lot of Adult 3-Wheelers. People of all age groups appreciate the amount a 3-wheel trike can carry and also love trikes for the stability.

A top selling trike is made by Miami Sun. We always have several of them in stock. Available in 5 colors, known for its large tractor style seat, complete mobility and fun. Many of our customers add a 3speed or even an electric motor to these trikes. Those who do are fully satisfied with our technical support and follow-up service.

At Island Life we also sell kits to mount onto regular Trikes. Electric powered trikes have become more and more popular for those who need the assistance in pedaling and the stability of the 3-Wheeler. Give us a call to ask us any questions.




The Brickell tandem uses lightweight 6061 series alloy to construct an extremely easy to ride foot-forward design frame. Comfort and ease of use are the main focuses for this tandem. The Brickell has an amazingly low clearance at the top tubes which makes for exceptionally easy starting and stopping. The stand-over height is a mere 21″ for the front and 18″ for the rear rider. Upper body positioning is also a snap with an adjustable angle stem on the front and adjustable reach on the back. . Lightweight full-coverage fenders keep everyone clean and happy. Durable gel grips and super smooth-riding foam saddles top it off to make this one great bike for new tandem riders. Available in a single-speed or a 7-speed model for all types of riders.

The Brickell

The 3G Tandem

Tandem Bike

Rent our tandem. It’s a fun way to see the City!

Adult Trikes

Come in and ride the Sun Trike. Or get some electric boost with the Pedego Trike!