Paddleboarding is one of the fastest-growing
new outdoor activities on the market.

Almost anyone can learn and enjoy this sport. It provides a full-body workout and is excellent for developing a strong core. Different than kayaking, Paddleboarding allows you to stand up and take in the great views of your surroundings. It also allows you to easily see the beautiful, natural life below the water. Sitting down and paddling is also easy and recommended if the wind picks up.

At Island Life, we are happy to spend time with you discussing the various types of boards. Rent a board to try it out and we will credit you the rental towards your purchase if you buy a board within ten days.

We also stock all the essential Paddleboard gear needed to make the transport, use and storage of your Paddleboard easier. We highly recommend a leash and a bag. With a leash you keep the board with you while paddling and a bag is a must to protect your board.

The US coast guard considers Paddleboards a water vessel and therefore a PFD (life jacket) and whistle will also be needed for your safety.

We carry many brands, but here are just a few of our best-selling Paddleboards.

Honoring Our Military

Active Military can save up to $100 on purchase, up to 10% on the purchase of a new board.

As we are from a military family we continue to honor those who serve. For active duty military we will always provide 10% off regularly priced paddleboards and accessories. Thank-you for your service.

Where to Paddle In North Florida

Pulse Paddleboards

Whether you are riding on flat water, surfing the waves, cruising down the river, or joining your first race, Pulse has a paddleboard to fit your needs. The Pulse Traditional Board is one of our top selling paddleboards. Gorgeous, lightweight and high-quality epoxy boards that are great in flat water no matter where you want to paddle. Unlike many brands they have many color options and every year come out with new colors.

For the beginner, flat-water rider we recommend Pulse Paddleboards.

Bote Paddleboards

Bote strives to craft the highest-quality, most innovative, best-looking, and easiest-to-use Paddleboards and gear on the market.

At Island Life, we try to invest in Florida companies, and Bote is basedright out of Destin, Florida. The owners, a competitive swimmer-turned-financial advisor and a mechanical engineer, knew they loved the water and wanted a paddleboard that did it all. Stable enough to fish from, able to hold a cooler for beer, but still paddled easily and smoothly through the water. Well Bote offers all-water boards, fishing boards, inflatables and touring/adventure boards. They have it all.

Kula 5 Coolers

Jobe Paddle Boards

Jobe also specializes in Paddleboarding and Wake Boarding, and sell more boards all over the world than most brands. As a global Paddle Board company, they are always upgrading and developing new products including paddle clothing, shoes, accessories and streamlining the design of boards to improve performance.

With Jobe it is difficult to pick a favorite. They have amazing all-around bamboo Paddleboards, yoga boards and their inflatables are one of the best of the market equipped with top-quality dry bag, paddle, pump and more.

Crescent Kayaks

Crescent Kayaks has always been a favorite. Island Life has been using Crescent Kayaks for our rental fleet for years, and we find them to be stable and long-lasting. We promote Crescent Kayaks as they are one of the few kayaks that are manufactured in the USA. Most people in Florida prefer Sit-On-Top kayaks, but there are also Sit-In kayaks available. For those who love to fish, check out the Fisher Xtreme with rod holders and back rests.

White Knuckle Kayaks

Affordable quality kayaks in all sizes and needs. They offer youth kayaks for the beginner at an affordable price and also single and X-stream fisher tandem kayaks.