to Paddle


St. Augustine Lighthouse Park Boat Ramp
442 Ocean Vista Avenue,
St Augustine Fl. 32080

This is an easy access point for the Salt Run. (Inlet) You can launch either off the dock, the beach or right off the boat ramp.

Watch out for boat traffic and be aware of oyster shells around the edges of the shoreline. You won’t even see them at high tide but they are there. Grab some water shoes to protect your feet. For beginners, it is best to head south into the inlet as going north will lead you out to more open waters where wind and tides will challenge any paddler.

Anastasia State Park
300 Anastasia Park Road,
St. Augustine, FL 32080

Anastasia State Park is a beautiful place for flat-water paddling. It will cost you a few dollars to get in but you can launch off a sandy beach area where there are picnic tables. Dolphins and Manatees are very common sights in the Salt Run.


Paddle Tips

  1. Understand where you are paddling. The wind, tides can make paddling very difficult. If new to the area ask the boaters around about tide and winds.
  2. Hydrate and wear sunscreen
  3. Wear your life jacket which should also have a whistle
  4. Watch out for boating traffic.
  5. Watch out for wildlife. Main concerns in intercoastal areas are the oyster shells along the shoreline.

Vilano Boat Ramp
101 Vilano Causeway,
St Augustine, FL 32084

The Vilano Boat ramp is located just at the foot of the west side of the Vilano Bridge. It is a destination for many local boat owners so can be busy but this is a great location to launch your kayak or SUP and paddle closer to downtown.

Fort Matanzas
9001 Summer Island Dr,
St Augustine, FL 32080, USA

This is a little removed from the main road and a bit rustic. It is a dirt ramp with similar area dirt parking lot. Smaller boats also launch here so be aware of boat traffic when paddling in the Matanzas Inlet. Many paddlers see dolphins and at certain times of the year the trees are filled with Pelicans nesting. You can paddle toward the Fort Matanzas but watch for the tides as they can make or break your paddling adventure.

Matanzas Inlet West Parking Lot

When driving south along A1A you can’t miss the Matanzas Inlet Parking lot. On weekends there are tons of cars parked with sun seekers and fellow paddlers. You will have to either walk over the wooden walkway to get to the water or follow the grassy path many have taken to get to the water.
Again watch for the tides when paddling in the inlet.

Paddle In The Ocean
Ocean Trace Road/ Dondanville Road/ Mary Street

Here are a few roads that can take you either on the beach or very close to the beach so you can paddle right from the soft sandy beach. For beach driving 4×4 vehicles are essential. Early morning is usually best for some calmer ocean paddles but if you want to paddle some waves then all of these streets will take you closer to the beach.